Balancing/Attenuation Ponds

Update January 2018

Members of the flood group met with Gallagher Estates in January 2018 to discuss the working of the balancing ponds.  A useful document was shared with the group.

Update – May 2016

On May 18th, David Calvert visited the balancing ponds on behalf of Longstanton Flood Action Group. David was given a tour by the site supervisor, Phil Hardy, who was most helpful.

The project is planned to last 28 weeks in total. The north pond is currently being excavated; when finished it will be “operational” while the smaller south pond (just over ¼ the size of the north pond) is being excavated.The photos below were taken from a number of points on an anti-clockwise tour of the north pond construction.

This view (looking south) shows where the original ditch has been diverted around the north pond area. The original ditch goes to the right of this photo (see next photo taken from the same point).


Looking north, the original ditch has been blocked to allow work on the north pond area (in the distance).


Looking west towards the B1050. The north pond should hold up to ¼ million cubic metres.


The view from the same point as above looking north (from the south-east corner of the north pond).


Looking north where the diverted ditch joins the original ditch en route to Longstanton.


This view (looking south) shows the maximum depth of the dig. Maximum depth from the top of bank to the base will be a little under 2 metres.
This view (looking north) also shows the maximum depth of the excavation. The main pond area is to the top right of the photo and gives some indication of the amount of soil to be removed as the pond base is lowered.

Update – January 2016

Revised plans for the Attenuation Ponds were received at the Parish Office in January 2016. Due to the type of application received, no comments can be made to SCDC. Full details of the plans can be found on the South Cambs Website

To summarise, the amendments are as follows:

  • Shape of southern pond has changed to allow access to overhead powerline – no impact on the capacity of the pond
  • Provision of an artificial Kingfisher nesting bank as requested by SCDC ecologist
  • Addition of inset Hibernacular